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Laura Athey-Lloyd, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Please call to inquire about psychological, psychoeducational, diagnostic, and personality testing services. It is helpful to think of testing as an empirically-validated way to answer a question. Perhaps you want to answer questions about your personality traits and how they fit into a larger pattern. Perhaps your child's school wants an explanation for your child's distraction or difficulty in a certain subject. In the assessment and diagnosis of ADHD and learning disabilities in children I use the testing battery required by the Board of Education, and I can assist you in applying for school-based accommodations, if your child qualifies. Consultation by phone (free of charge) is necessary to establish what kind of assessment is needed and what tests would yield the answers you are looking for. 

Child, Adolescent, and Family Therapy

Children communicate through action. Young children do not yet have the capacity to fomulate their thoughts and feelings into sophisticated language, and older children and teenagers may have more of an internal understanding of their thoughts and feelings, but have trouble articulating them to family and friends. I treat children with a wide array of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, oppositional behavior, attention deficit, learning problems, and high-functioning autism. I also see children who have been affected by trauma or significant family stress (death, divorce, moving, etc.). I help young children access their feelings and introduce positive changes through play-based activities, and relate to older children and teenagers with an interpersonal, talk-therapy approach. I involve parents (and siblings) in all aspects of the work; parent participation is crucial for instilling lasting changes in family dynamics that support children improving their mood and behavior. 

Adult and Couples Therapy

Whether you are new to therapy or entering a new chapter in a lifetime of self-growth, collaboratively we can identify the areas of self and relationships in which you wish to promote change. I draw from interpersonal and relational psychodynamic theories in my practice. This means that through collaborative discussion, we will identify patterns in your early, formative relationships that may be repeating in your current relationships with friends, family members, partners, and colleagues. These patterns are also likely appear in therapy between you and I, as they represent your unique template for relating to others. Some of these patterns may be adaptive and bring joy and depth to your interactions with others, while other patterns may be causing both internal and interpersonal conflict for you. Insight and awareness of these patterns is the first step on the road toward relating in a new way to others and oneself. This style of therapy can be adapted to many presenting concerns, including, but not limited to, adjustment to transitions, anxiety, and depression.